Mural library 13th May 2011 001 (600 x 450)
Deal "Library Vista"

Painted by Penny Bearman during May 2011, one of the last murals in the Spirit of Deal series, painted shortly before the end of the lease on The Burning Bush Gallery.
It was painted on a yellow background to create a harmony with the strange yellow metal of the new library entrance. The librarians requested a "glimpse of the sea" for when they have had a long day...
The Burning Bush Gallery is just visible to the right of the picture.

This detail of the mural also features my daughter Lucy Somers with her paintings.

I met the gentleman who's image I used within the illusion of the alleyway to the seafront recently at the Landmark Centre in Deal. He remembers sitting on his portable stool outside the gallery and is delighted with his portrayal on my web site, he still wears the hat!