This page shows recent paintings available for sale.
Some are works in progress.
All paintings can be viewed in Deal Kent at the Seaward Gallery, 14-16 Broad Street. Deal CT146ES and on Saturday mornings outside the Landmark Centre opposite Deal Market.
Paintings from left to right, top of page to bottom.
Sizes in inches:

Deal Seafront blue sea                                 16"X24"

Walmer panorama                                         8"X20"

Deal Seafront with rainbow                         12"X16"

Walmer Castle to the Pier     sold

Walmer Castle with Autumnal colours       10"X12"

Tumultuous Sea                                           20"X24"

Crooked Chimney                                      20"X18"

Walmer Sails                                              24"X18"

Recently published: October 30th 2017