Future Projects 2015
FEBRUARY 2016  "Under the Skin" Exhibition featuring 3 generations of painters, Lucy Somers (my daughter) Penny Bearman, and Margaret Peters (my Mother)
The Plough Gallery, Torrington Devon

June to July 2016 SEAS (South East Artists) Open Studio event.

My venue for this event will be the Landmark Centre on Saturdays, and the Sea Cafe on Walmer Green on Sundays, the event covers 3 weekends spanning end of June, beginning of July, and is part of the Deal Festival of Music and the Arts. Link to SEAS

Student Painting Exhibitions at  Deal Library, October 2015. Link to Artlark
Also individual Students, Tim Smith and Bill Cameron Ward at the Astor Theatre, Stanhope Rd Deal. Kent August to end of September 2015 with Janice Keeler and Linda Broadley at the Astor Theatre Gallery throughout October 2015
Link to Astor Theatre

Recession Busting 2015   I am looking for any town that has unsightly areas possibly with boarded up buildings for a new mural project. See Deal Murals for my home town project..

please contact me if you would like to suggest an area.

Now: Working towards a first arts festival for the pier Deal August 2015

email me: studio@pennybearman.co.uk
Red Onions by Margaret Peters