Community Arts
hosted by Loose Cannon
Loose Cannon is a community arts group dedicated to connecting disparate art-forms and involving a wide range people in an entertaining, educational and dynamic way.

Loose Cannon has collaborated with Deal Town Council, Walmer Parish Council and The prosperity network as well as the Big Lottery Fund to provide the following projects:

"The Roman Invasion" collaborating with Bob Martin in Sandwich to provide a history/arts event in August 2006 which paraded Romans, school-children and a 16ft Julius Caesar puppet!

"The Spirit of Deal" which provided a framework for the local art community to help the town regenerate in the recession of 2008-11.

"The Burning Bush Gallery" A 3-year project to showcase the arts in Deal.

Loose Cannon also provided arts events for children in schools and outdoor clubs for children for Walmer Parish Council. 
Fish and Ships schools project
Contact: Penny Bearman
Happily, none of my murals painted during the 2008 recession exist due to Deal's successful regeneration, with one sad exception. Due to the on-going failure of Dover district council to support local people, the outrage of the deliberate decline of the Regent Cinema continues in the hands of its new owners.
Tony Cooper tells Celtic tales
"Boite de joujou"
project in collaboration with Deal Festival of Music and the Arts. Creations inspired by Debussy. Click here.