sharon boho (450 x 600)
buzz boho (399 x 600)
geoff bell boho (337 x 408)
jon ashby boho (200 x 200)
patrick and heather boho (450 x 600)
Boho1 (600 x 450)
boho montage from the pub wall (600 x 396)
CDimage3 (600 x 400)
The Bohemian had a fire on Sunday may 27th 2012 and will have to be completely refurbished. Buzz and Andy have decided to have a mural on the boarded-up windows. Artwork by Penny Bearman, Source material provided by Bohemian Lovers:

The Bohemian Bar Mural Project.               Source pictures below. Thank you to all contributors!


June 20th  Painted a green background, green because it works with the pink brickwork, I have started with abstract lime green shapes. My daughter just back from Uni is helping me...
june12boho 012 (600 x 450)
june12hboho 004 (600 x 450)
june12hboho 006 (600 x 450)
june12hboho 014 (600 x 450)
June 22nd  Bought a lovely gold colour- I am using exterior emulsion at the moment, though I will be adding the people in acrylics.. I got rained off before I got properly started. Could someone do something about the weather!
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June 27th I really enjoyed myself today, there were lots of well wishers and everyone recognised Buzz's portrait...
Bohemian window 1 (450 x 600)
Bohemian window2 (450 x 600)
Bohemain window3 (450 x 600)
Bohemian windows4-6 (600 x 450)
Bohemian window7 (450 x 600)
bohemianjuly12 001 (450 x 600)
bohemianjuly12 002 (450 x 600)
bohemianjuly12 003 (450 x 600)
bohemianjuly12 004 (600 x 450)
July 4th  Fantastic weather today, sunshine with a breeze smelling of salt and just a bit of seaweed.
I've fleshed in the Unbreakable gin bottle left, putting the sculpture bust on its right at the suggestion of a helpful passer-by.
I'm really enjoying collaborating with the public.
bohemian 001 (450 x 600)
bohemian 002 (600 x 450)
bohemian 003 (450 x 600)
bohemian 004 (600 x 450)
July 18th, I've started the detailed portraits. Using oil paint to achieve a better quality. I've had lots of pats on the back today - thankyou everyone!
Olympic torch relay passes by tomorrow...
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July 25th, Hot,hot,hot...
Boho July 25
JULY25 2012 057 (450 x 600)
bohemianjuly12 003 (450 x 600)
JULY25 2012 059 (450 x 600)