Ian's Mural 2013
Cantona Football Giant. Have your child's hero painted onto their wall!
Milking Room
High Street2012 (600 x 450)
Northbourne children's fish and Artlark Gallery 020 (600 x 450)
Reuben new school 002 (450 x 600)
Olympic mural last stage 002 (343 x 600)
Regent final 014 (450 x 600)
Famous Faces completion 019 (600 x 450)
Regent final 010 (450 x 600)
Reuben new school 003 (450 x 600)
Flower mural detail (450 x 600)
Flower mural detail butterfly (450 x 600)
Regent final 015 (450 x 600)
A range of Murals Painted by Penny Bearman, including community murals,
murals commissioned by private individuals and businesses.
Commission a mural, email here or phone 01304369332
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High Street Art, new murals
Life-size mural of Cantona for boys bedroom wall - Oct 09
Marines Mural in Walmer Deal July 2010
The Dover Town Mural 2010
Bethnal Green 2011
Bohemian Mural
on Deal Seafront
Domestic Murals on bedroom walls:
Below, Ian's Mural, depicting his favourite place, the Dartford crossing - May 2013

Deal Murals from 2009
Herne Bay murals
Scotland Mural
Olympic mural
project:pass the passion
American Diner Deal
Murals around Deal by Penny Bearman
2017 selection of murals