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Elvis at a burger bar with the restaurant owner
Cheers Diner, Beach Street, Deal
Mural opened 1994
Mural in private garden in Ash, Kent. depicting a tour of the Scottish Highlands.  2004
Sandwich Infant School 2000
Children created ideas and helped to paint "imaginative play" areas in converted toilet cubicles.
"John's Mural" Aspen Unit Whitfield, Dover. 1997
"Peelers" themed restaurant Ramsgate 1993
(Peelers used to be the old Gaol and Police building)
detail space
sandwich mural dungeon (600 x 450)
sandwich infant mural dragon
sandwich infant mural castle
sandwich mural night
sandwich mural street
Peelers (402 x 600)
Aspen Unit Mural (600 x 440)
cheers (600 x 445)
contact:  01304 369332
Recent work includes the creation of 3 murals for Herne Bay Town Partners, Kent.
In September 2007 Herne Bay participated in Meridian TV's "People's Millions programme, winning a grant to create a cultural trail through the town.
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Work by children of Northbourne Primary School helped by Penny Bearman during the " Fish Friday event" organised by Whole School Meals Ltd
The mural was accomplished in just one day and involved 60 children from all age groups.

Friday 28th Nov 08
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Past work includes "Pass the Passion" a mural for Dover Extended Schools (DES)
celebrating the 2012 Olympics. Project led by Penny Bearman, designed and painted by children at events at River School, Cross Links, De Bradelei Wharf and Warden House School,
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Scene of Scotland featured below. The wall has deteriorated, so the mural is being re-painted on laminated   aluminium. Click here for pictures
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